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George Perez


1. Are generic drugs safer?

Ans:  Generic medications are the exact replicas of brands. The medications are composed with the similar active molecules used in brands. Generic drugs are recommended safe to consume as per FDA approvals. 

2. Are these ED drugs affordable?

Ans: These generic ED drugs are offered online at inexpensive rates. The online store also offers occasional discounts on bulk orders. The quality of the drug is not compromised and the prices easily fit your wallet.

3. Why generics are charged lesser?

Ans: The online drugstores invest minimal share of their profits on advertising and promotional activities; instead they prefer benefitting users by providing these quality drugs at affordable rates.

4. Do I need medical prescription before taking generics?

Ans: Generally generic drugs are safe to consume without medical prescription. Only in case of any existing disorder or any kidney or liver issues; medical prescription for consuming ED drugs is mandatory.

5. Are these generics safe for breast-feeding mothers?

Ans: Generic drugs are not safe for mothers in lactation period. The dissolving abilities of the chemicals in mother’s milk are not yet clinically finalized.

6. Do we get on-time delivery?

Ans: Of course, the online store specializes in providing quality services to its customers. The parcels are shipped discreetly with on-time delivery.

7. Do generic ED medications help in conceiving?

Ans: ED drugs share absolutely no contribution in conceiving. The only way a female partner can conceive is when the male partner is able to attain harder erection after taking ED drugs.
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