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P-Force Fort

P-Force Fort
RATING: 2 reviews
Brand: Sunrise Remedies
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The branded pill P Force Fort is a solution that is commonly recommended to treat erectile dysfunction conditions in men. The issue consolidates a better-recovered health condition of an affected man. The ED pill is a power-packed solution with Sildenafil Citrate as a main active component in the 150 mg dosage. The pill is known for working over severe repeated penile failure issues. A high dosage pill works best when consumed as prescribed by the doctors. 


Mechanism Of Action

Active component Sildenafil Citrate (150mg) in the medicine P Force Fort helps man to deal with Erectile Dysfunction issues and also helps in boosting up their abilities of performance. This active component belongs to a group of inhibitors called PDE5-Inhibitors. They are responsible for inhibiting enzymes and improvise the functioning of the penile system. This is all done by enhancing the flow of blood and lowering the arterial muscle strain that shall result in allowing an impotent man to attain proper time penile erection as required and expected.


Usage Guidelines

  1. Excessive consumption of ED medicine should be prohibited for preventing various health affecting side effects
  2. For noticing appropriate functioning of this P Force Fort medicine, one must consume the solution properly by swallowing the pill as whole 
  3. Improper consumption of the ED pill by crushing, chewing, etc. will not allow the medicine to perform well and its mechanism might be affected 
  4. P Force Fort solution is not meant for men who are below the age of 18 years and the pills are to be kept at a certain place without their reach
  5. ED pill works over impotence only when it is consumed in presence of complete sexual arousal

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