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Vigore 100 mg

Vigore 100 mg
Brand: Zydus Alidac (Cadila Div)
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Vigore 100 mg is the most sensational and effective medicine when it comes to treating ED. It is manufactured by the most trusted pharmaceutical organization called Zydus Cadila. It is in the form of conventional tablets with the most popular drug, Sildenafil Citrate as its main active ingredient. Impotence can be kept at the bay with moderate consumption of this tablet.

Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg is the parent ingredient used in this tablet. It is the most trusted drug to treat impotence. It was initially used in the treatment for pulmonary hypertension but after a lot of clinical trials, it was discovered it helped men achieve firm and harder erection. Since then it was used as the vital ingredient in ED treating tablets. Being in 100 mg of power its effectiveness stays for 6 hours. Such long-lasting effectiveness is best for satisfying intercourse. Sildenafil Citrate goes negatively with nitrates, do not consume them together. Men who are allergic to this drug should avoid its consumption.

Consumption of this Vigore 100 mg should be done at least 30 minutes before the onset of the sexual activity. Consumption of alcohol, the diet which is high in fat content and grapefruit juices will lower its effectiveness, hence should be avoided or minimized. One tablet per day is recommended, but consulting the doctor is always advisable. Consumption should be strictly avoided in case of any injury around the penile.

The effectiveness of this medicine is seen only in the presence of sexual stimulation or sexual excitement.

Side effects of Vigore 100 mg include headaches, flushing, blood from the nose, indigestion, visual disturbance, sensitivity to light, painful urination, ringing or buzzing the ear, nausea, palpitation, deafness, excessive tearing of the eyes, tingling in the arms and feet, dizziness, diarrhea, sleeplessness.

In case of prolonged or painful erection, call for medical assistance.

This tablet treats impotence in men; hence consumption by women and children should be avoided. It does not help from protection against any sexually transmitted disease or unwanted pregnancy. Men suffering from heart problems are prohibited from consuming this pill. Once consumed do not take this pill again before 24 hours.

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